Wednesday, August 9, 2006

join bookmooch!

Thanks Billy!

This is a site where you can exchange books with other people (permanently) without having to pay for anything except postage. Books that you offer to give away, and actually do, gives you points which you can use to ask for books from other readers to be sent to you. This means almost-free books! This is great for people like me, who will probably never make it to the flea market / second-hand bookstore to get rid of the books I no longer want to horde.

I managed to put up only eight books. These are books which I think are not worth hording to future reads, nor flaunting to show that I am well-read. These amount to eight books, at present not enough to gain any books till someone actually requests to mooch any of mine.

Go scour your bookshelf and join now!

1 comment:

  1. i only put up 3 books. just gave away a bunch to a school library.
    wats you username? i'm bsideprojekt.